BLAKE’s 1st birthday cake draft


MY son’s 1st birthday will be on JUNE 19,2013… Got excited for the theme “BOSS” party, so i end up sketching his cake.. CANT WAIT!

Its a 4 tier cake with a theme “The Boss” with a touch of his features and its a Black and White party.

1st Bottom tier –  12″ round cake 8′ high , white fondant cover with Afro hair around it and top to bottom black boarder

2nd tier – 10″x 6″, white covered fondant with black vertical strips

3rd tier – 8″x 5″, white covered fondant with Big silhoette Mustache on the middle and small black bow on bottom part

4th tier – 5″ x 6″, Black covered fondant, Magician/ Like a Boss Hat with white lower bottom horizontal strip

ON TOP – #1 candle and an afro 3d fondant baby :))

Ill blog all the details when i finish planning everything.. If you have ideas for this party like the guest costume, food and other fun things..kindly leave your comments!


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