A Slice of a cake, is a slice of Good Memories


My grandmother, relaxing in a sweet afternoon.

I grew up with my grandparents, as long as i can remember. I consider my lolo and lola as my real parents, because they’re the one that took care or me since i was a child. They pour me with love, toys, lots of sermon and a cake recipe that stuck on my heart like an arrow from a cupid.

My grandmother loves to cook and bake. She sell 2 kinds of cake (or maybe that’s her best seller), banana cake and Chiffon cake. I used to watch her bake, seeing her sifting flour, beating white eggs, pouring batter in a pan. I love that memory so much, as if it was yesterday that i was sneaking around the kitchen so i can deep my fingers in a bowl of meringue. Lola used to tell me that “raw meringue can give you gas”. And i think she is right, because that’s the only logic explanation why im so gassy :))))

This cake is so connected with my grandmothers name, neighbor calls it “Manang inday’s cake”. And im making a buck out of it now 🙂

Another memory in this cake was my bonding moment with my lolo (grandfather), scraping the crumbs of the cake from the pan. Now me and my lil bro doing it!


This is more than a cake to me because  its mixed inside with memories and as you slice it, all of your yesterday comes out. So i hope you can also put a good memories inside this cake too 🙂



2  1/4     cups         All purpose Flour

1               tbsp          Baking powder

1/2          tsp             Salt

1              cup             Sugar

1/2         cup             Oil

3/4        cup             water

7             pcs              Egg yolks

1              tsp              Lemon extract / Fresh lemon juice

1              cup             Egg whites ( from the 7 eggs)

1/2         cup             Sugar

1/2          tsp              Cream of Tartar


PREHEAT oven 325F

1.) Combine all DRY ingredient and SIFT 3X in a bowl, set aside. – This is IMPORTANT, it will give the cake a fine texture

2.) Combine all LIQUID ingredients in a separate bowl, and add DRY mixture to it, set aside.

3.) In a mixing bowl, put egg whites and beat in a MEDIUM speed til its frothy. Add Cream of tartar and Sugar gradually to the meringue, then change speed to HIGH til its STIFF PEAK.

4.) Add a 1/2 cup of meringue to the batter and mix til it loosen a little.

5.) Then FOLD the rest of meringue GRADUALLY into the batter. AVOID DEFLATING the batter as you FOLD!

6.) Pour batter to a tube pan, and bake for 45mins til toothpick inserted and nothing comes out.

7.) Let it cool completely before serving 🙂



3 thoughts on “A Slice of a cake, is a slice of Good Memories

  1. I’m excited to attempt this. Chiffon cake rin ba iyong ginagamitan ni Lola ng “Tru Orange”? =) It’s nice that Lola lives on through her amazing recipes. Sure miss her! Thanks for posting this.

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