I’ve read alot of recipes, techniques and how to’s in making fondant. And its harder than you think (99% blogs said its easy, so…). I’ve tried alot, waste alot and ate alot 😛 but to make it perfect is to try alot, waste alot and eat alot. Fondant is very tricky, because temperature plays a big part. So living in a hot and humid country is sometimes a challenge. I’m NO professional baker, and i can only share with you my experience. My frustration being a baker is to make a perfect fondant cake, as in kind of cake a “cake boss’ and his team can make. The key really is PRACTICE! no way around!

Now there is a lot of way to make fondant, and every recipe are different but the main idea of a result is a SWEET, FLEXIBLE, FIRM and SMOOTH icing, that you can mold or cover easily to the cake.


Professional fondant is made from scratch, as in all the ingredients (glycerin, corn syrup, powdered sugar, etc). Marshmallow fondant is made out of melted marshmallow and powdered sugar (its like using a  professional fondant ingredient in one pillow of mallows because the mallow ingredients are the same with P.F).

Read lots of reviews about professional fondant, they said that PF is easier to work with in a cake but MF is much tastier. Though i still need to do lots of trials with Professional Fondant, i always end up too soft and sugary or too  hard or it breaks a easily ( i think i need to go back to school for this one). So I will share the recipe and tips about MARSHMALLOW FONDANT, because its the one that i used the most. Plus its easier and inexpensive. 🙂


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EQUIPMENT : Microwave / Double boiler , microwavable bowl/glass bowl, spatula, scraper, smooth surface working station

White marshmallow 450   (16ounces) g
Water 2-5 drop tbsp
Confectioner sugar (sifted) 907   (2lbs) g
Shortening (Crisco)  1/2 cup


( – Peggy Weaver owns this recipe.

I used this recipe for many times and the result is not that satisfying, so i changed it a bit (just the water and shortening) because of the different weather/temperature we have. So if you’re living in no humid country you might want to use the step of ms. Peggy weaver. 🙂




Yield : 1 batch enough to cover 8″x8 cake with deco


1a. Melt marshmallows and 2 tablespoons of water in a microwave. Stir every 30 seconds as you melt the marshmallow, it will take around 2 to 3mins to melt completely.


1b. Put marshmallow and 1 tablespoon of water in the glass bowl on top of boiling water. Add 1 tablespoon of water if needed. (i only used 1 tbsp because water creates a lot of moisture as it is mix to the sugar, we want our fondant soft but firm). Mix the marshmallow as it melt, to make it faster. 🙂

2. Grease your smooth surface (marble or glass),  scraper, and hands with shortening.

3. In a bowl of melted mallows, put 3/4 of the confectioner sugar and mix til it became a soft fondant

4. put the 1/4  confectioner sugar into greased surface and dump the fondant and knead (like a bread dough).

5. As you knead put shortening at the surface and hands as needed, til there is no more confectioner sugar left and its flexible enough to fold without tearing. (Usually it will still tear a bit, as in it will make small holes on the side when fold, it ok!) You can put colors in this step already if needed.

6. Fold the fondant and put a layer of shortening (to avoid from hardening) and wrap in a cling plastic and store in a airtight container. let it rest for at least an hour, til the sugar incorporated.

7. After resting, unwrapped the fondant (it will be stiff and it will break so don’t panic).  knead til its soft, firm, flexible and smooth. (To test flat the fondant and hold it up. If it doesn’t tear, you got a perfect fondant)

8. Ready for covering the cake and decorate. ENJOY!!!!


Good to know facts

– Fondant hates moisture. Put a bit water and it will be sticky or it will melt as you design.

– Again fondant hates moisture! 🙂 and you will use your hands to knead and decorate. so the heat from your hand is enough to make it softer if needed.

– Shortening is essential ingredient. it is used to make fondant soft, flexible and non sticky. SO DON’T MAKE FONDANT WITHOUT IT!

– You can also use a mixture of Corn startch and confectioner sugar (1:1). for dusting the surface when flatting the fondant to avoid sticking.

– If your fondant STIFF or HARD, just knead it with shortening ti l you get the consistency

– If your fondant is to soft, knead more confectioner sugar

– If your fondant is breaking easily and to soft. As in its sliding as you hold it up. MAKE ANOTHER ONE! used that on small decoration. 🙂 sorry!

– You can store fondant (cling wrapped) in a airtight container, up to a month. Actually more than 🙂 but for food safety and to avoid bacteria growth make sure you used it at least a month.

– ENJOY WHAT YOUR DOING! frustration and stress will make you sweat! 🙂 it will hurt the fondant 🙂



This is the first fondant cake i made. I used 3 tbsp of water. it looks like a good fondant but i wasted alot of time doing it because its too soft. You can see the texture of the ribbon  is too soft.

100_4426 Another almost failed cake. i used 5 tbsp water for this, because i want to melt the marshmallow faster. I end up having too soft fondant and it will eventually melt when expose to sun or heat. 😦


–I WILL UPDATE THIS AGAIN, too many to add up. More How to’s on covering and decorating the cake with fondant on the other page





  1. Nice! I see you changed the theme of your blog. I’ll just rely on people like you to make the fondant so I can just rely on people like me to eat it hahaha. Great work!

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