This bar is the best recipe i ever discovered. WHY? because it became my money maker bar! Yup, this is my best seller in companies and schools! This is my bread winner bar 🙂 THE REVEL BAR! Well Im not surprise, with the name itself “REVEL” means To take great pleasure or delight ( i googled it to make sure :P). I guess they love it because of the balance taste of oats and chocolate. You will love it too, because its so easy to make! and the recipe is so simple to find.



Yield: 25 pieces

2 1/2   cups   All purpose flour

1         tsp      Baking soda

3         cups   Oats (quick or instant is fine)

1         cup     Butter

2         cups   Brown Sugar

2         pcs     Eggs

2         tsp      Vanilla

1 1/2   cup     Semi-sweet chocolate (dark chocolate is you want lesser sweet) (270g)

1         can     Condense Milk (350ml)

2         tbsp    Butter


1. Prepare the 12×12 pan, grease and line it with parchment paper (with atleast 1/2 inch over lapping side)

2. Mix all dry ingredients (APF, Baking Soda and Oats), and set aside.

3. Cream the Butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy in medium speed.

4. Add eggs, one by one til its incorporated to the cream mixture.

5. Add vanilla

6. Mix Dry ingredients to the cream mixture, use spatula to avoid blows of flour til its half mixed then beat to low speed.

7. Put 3/4 batter in the pan. Use spatula or by hand to cover all areas of the pan. (No space/holes so the chocolate mix wont drop on the bottom). Set aside.

8. Melt chocolate, condensed milk and butter in a pan in medium heat. Stir continuously to avoid from burning the bottom chocolate.

9. Pour the chocolate mixture to the pan of batter.

10. Drop small pieces of the 1/4 batter left on top of the chocolate mixture.

11. Bake for 20-25mins in 350F.

12. Let it cool before cutting. (Its hard to cut, if the chocolate is still gooey)

ENJOY! HOPE it will bring pleasure to you too!


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