MY 26th year onwards is for the Lord




HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! ( Thats really how you start with it!). To conclude my 25th year === SAVED!!!!!! I know the lord is with me the whole time since day 1 of my life, but just recently, im turning my whole life to Him. Im so thankful for everything ive been through, even the ugliest part of my life. Ive never felt so contented with my life before, til i receive Jesus fully. No more hunting past, no more insecurities and no more TURNING BACK. 


Thank you for hearing and listening, for guiding and protecting, for forgiving and blessing, for mercy and endless grace, for the good and realizing the bad, for saving and loving and most specially for the BLOOD and your DEATH. This year make me more humble in thoughts and actions, make me an answer to prayers, make me your instrument to evangelize. IM YOURS LORD.  in JESUS CHRIST powerful name…AMEN! :))))




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