Own space for lego

my 10 years old son, came to me and told me that he NEEDED to have his own room. I asked him why, he said that his little brother is destroying is Lego arts. Pretty silly reason for my eldest but there is a point to it. My youngest indeed is a monster when it comes to reaching, getting, throwing, eating, licking ,smashing our things.

I remember what our pastor sermon said was, raising a kid is like holding a bow and arrow. We as parent an archer, holding our children and aiming them to the target of their best future. Is it my time already to let go of the arrow? Did i aim correctly at the target, is it the right target? These are the thoughts running inside my head as he demand for his own space.

its 1:30am, checked on my kiddos, and Andre is still sleeping on my bed (he got his bed just besides mine), drooling on my youngest foot. He is still my baby, but i know he is old enough to get his own room. I had my room at the same age, and it helped me to have my sense of ownership.

Problem is we dont have any extra room at the house. What i can do is, put division in our room. Atleast i know what he is doing and how messy will it be. My son is 10, and im not sure if i can let go of him too soon.


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