Single parent bubbles

You’re growing so fast

Im scared it wouldn’t last

I was so young, having you

Too childish to realize you needed me too

I searched for myself,

Just to find, that everything of me is in you.

Time had passed

The moment we should have had lapsed

The ABC and 123 was taught

But the tantrums and No’s is what I caught

The manners and responsibilities was known

And still I can’t remember who have shown

You deserve a life greater than what I had

Now my everything is lacking, even if I add

Im ashame of me, as your provider

What I have is not enough, for you and your brother

I don’t know how to start,

And I know there are still a lot to choke

Especially the promises that I broke

Our life is not like a Lego that you played

When it turns out wrong, you can just remade

But I’m willing to put the lost pieces into place

It’s my obligation that I have to make

And this time, there is no mistake

Looking at you, growing just fine

Still I can’t believe, that you are mine