Tangled between two cry babies

I was minding my own business infront of the computer, when i realized my youngest Blake happily playing with legos. It dawned on me that he is tearing apart his big brothers lego creation that he worked for days. I asked blake what he’s doing and he smiled and said “Look oh!”. I told him that his brother will be mad when he gets home from school, and just put it back to his room. He run and left. So i chased him and ask him eagerly to clean up the toys.

I was helping blake putting the lego’s back, when Andre yelled from outside that he is home. i Looked at the clock and saw it was really Andre. i was rushing to clean the crime scene, and tripped off and pour the legos on the floor. Andre saw the legos and yelled, while blake standing on the side saying “Its mama’s fault, everything’s on the floor”.

To cut it short, Andre was mad crying over his creation and blaming me for letting blake play inside his room, while blake guilty crying and mad at me for being mad at him for not apologizing to his brother.

:/ Way to go me!

Both run off to cry their heart out somewhere in the house and me just stunned in the corner. So i went back to my seat and suddenly Andre called Blake.

Blake came cheerfully as if nothing happened, and Andre asked

Andre: Why did you play with my toys without permission?

Blake: i m going to ask you, but youre in school with your teacher.

Andre: So why did you do it?

Blake: Yes.

Andre: why!

Blake: yes, because i dont have any toy. i want to play with my bike, but its broken.

Andre: You asked for alot of toys, but you end up breaking it like your bike. Stay out of my room!

Blake: But mama did not buy me any toys

Andre: because youre just going to break it.

Blake:Yes. (run off)

Still stunned over everything that had happened. Im not sure who or where to start from their conversation. i know my 3yrs.old need to know his boundaries when it comes to his big brother’s things. But then Andre need to share his toys to his little brother. Hay!!!!!! It tears me apart seeing them fight, but looking back with my siblings, we really dont talk like that we just brawl with each other. hehehehe.. Its just my normal day at home, tangled with my two cry babiestangled


One thought on “Tangled between two cry babies

  1. Napipicture ko iyong scenario na ‘to hahaha. That is very mature of Andre to talk it out with Blake. Sabi ni Mami kung siya iyon, she’d get super angry and hit. I wouldn’t be as patient as Andre is with Blake kung ganon nangyari sa masterpieces ko! So kudos to YOU for raising Kuya Moy to be ever patient. Kudos to Moy for being a patient big bro. Kudos to Blake for being Blake hahaha. Ang kulet, pinagbintangan ka pa agad. Bugoy Blake!

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